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Is Your Boat lift Noisy?

If it is, it’s trying to tell you something: “I NEED SERVICE”!  The old standard flat plate gear drive that is used in most overhead lifts are famous for getting very loud when they need service; this is a good thing. These gear plates need to be greased regularly, which is something that we can definitely take care of for you.

Another item of extreme importance is to be sure that the boat life cables are winding up properly. If your cables are overlapping they will prematurely wear out and on top of that, your boat will not lift up evenly. These issues can cause your cables to possibly snap and we have seen boats sink by the transom or bow going in on a sharp angle. We have even met people who have had their improperly wrapped cables snap while they were on their boats! Being inside your boat on a lift when the cables snap could be deadly. Keeping your cables wrapped up properly takes little time and replacing worn cables is relatively inexpensive.

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